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Successful train the trainer ‘Inclusive Sport’

For many newly arrived refugees & asylum seekers a sports club is often an excellent opportunity to meet locals and to integrate into society. At the same time, grass-roots sport clubs lack experience on how to approach and include this target group. They require knowledge, training and qualification. The project “Sport Inclusion of Refugees across Europe” (SPIN Refugees) funded by the European Commission is to enhance the social inclusion and participation of refugees & asylum-seekers on the local sport level.

In this context, a train the trainer Inclusive Sport took place on 8, 9 and 10 October 2021 in Zurndorf, Austria. Partner organisations from 8 European countries sent trainers who, after the train the trainer, will provide the training Inclusive sport for sports organisations in their own country. Huis voor Beweging provided the training. Also FAI (Football Association of Ireland) and the host organisation VIDC (the Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) took care of part of the training. We have provided this training with a lot of dedication, enthusiasm and pleasure.

All trained trainers can use an Electronic Learning Environment (ELE) developed by Huis voor Beweging, in which all activating exercises, materials and background information are made accessible to the trainers.

The first day was all about getting to know each other, the project and the theme. The second and third day were mainly dominated by training and coaching skills. Who are you as a trainer and how will you carry out the training in your own country?

We have had the opportunity to work with a very enthusiastic group of people. People with a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise on the subject and target groups. But above all, we have been able to give the train the trainer to very committed people with a big heart, a warm personality and with a great social capacity. The starting point in our training courses is ‘Learning by doing’. Three days in a row the whole group worked hard, learned and shared knowledge and experience in an exceptionally good atmosphere.

We think and hope that the participants have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences with regard to the content of the training, the trainer’s profession and also gained new international friendships. We look back on a successful train the trainer with special and skilled people and wish everyone success with the implementation of the training in their own country.


Willie Westerhof and Yrsa Wagemaker
Huis voor Beweging